Written by Caroline Ward on May 10, 2017
The end is now here. Centuries old declarations that artists will suffer and die in poverty are being overturned by a robust and proven system of success, together with the latest discoveries in brain science.
Written by Caroline Ward on Oct. 31 2017
Einstein's teachers told his parents he was vague and distracted in class and would never amount to anything. His 'vague and distracted' was deep observation, curiosity and reflection. What kind of genius in your child is hidden by the ignorance of others?
Written by Caroline Ward May 13th 2019
I went to an after show party in Budapest last night. The picture above shows the city, the capital of Hungary in Europe, at its most beautiful. I met a young woman there who reminded me that life doesn't end until it's over, meaning that she has gone back to study something different after being hugely successful in her first career. One would think that it's important to get it right from the beginning, but what if life isn't so much about getting it right as it is about enriching your world with experiences that make you wise and make you someone eminently capable. 
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